Local indie comedy about conflicted, young people is smart, energetic (Interview/Review) – Toronto Star

“Local indie comedy Everyday Is Like Sunday has a fresh take on quarter-life crises….What the result lacks in polish it makes up for in smarts, energy and local colour...”

2017-07-06T21:12:57+00:00August 18, 2013|Everyday Is Like Sunday|

Everyday Is Like Sunday Review – Exclaim

“Marrying the same priority of comic banter over plot points as Whit Stillman, with the loose, improvisational style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the film is rife with quotable lines and amusing pop-culture references. While all of the actors deliver refreshingly unaffected performances, Dineen-Porter has an especially magnetic on-screen presence that enlivens every scene with an air of unpredictability, while Thorburn is delightfully smarmy in his memorable supporting role...”

2017-07-06T20:42:46+00:00August 17, 2013|Everyday Is Like Sunday|
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