Local indie comedy about conflicted, young people is smart, energetic (Interview/Review) – Toronto Star

“Local indie comedy Everyday Is Like Sunday has a fresh take on quarter-life crises….What the result lacks in polish it makes up for in smarts, energy and local colour...”

2017-07-06T21:12:57+00:00August 18, 2013|Everyday Is Like Sunday|

‘Minor-key moments are what populate people’s lives’ (Interview) – National Post

“Sometimes flossing can feel like starting over again. Everyday is Like Sunday begins with Mark (David Dineen-Porter) going about a morning-ish personal hygiene regimen that we can tell isn’t routine. But where standing in front of the mirror is habit for some, for Mark it’s start of a new chapter, an attempt to shake off his jobless, broken-up-with life and start fresh. That doesn’t quite happen, but over the course of the movie we’re treated to a lot of other small but potent scenes from life…What emerges is a pointed portrait of what being young and stuck in Toronto can feel like, a time and place where meaning is groped for, grasped and dropped again over the course of a coffee...”

2017-07-06T21:13:15+00:00August 18, 2013|Everyday Is Like Sunday|
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