Review: Sundowners serves up low key pleasures – NOW Magazine

Sundowners knows its heroes are dolts – inept with women, sloppy with their equipment, terrible at arranging wake-up calls. They’re doofuses but at least they’re trying, so we root for them to carve out one tiny victory somewhere, even though we know that’s probably not going to happen. But we can still laugh.

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The Orchard and Factory 25 Team for Tim Heidecker Comedy, Sundowners

The Orchard and Factory 25 has announced that they will partner for the comedy Sundowners starring Tim Heidecker (The Comedy, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie). The Orchard has acquired the U.S. and U.K. digital rights while Factory 25 has stepped up and will release the film theatrically in the U.S.

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Interview: Why Sundowners – the kind of Cancon the industry needs – was so hard to get made

Despite this being Moondi's third feature after two widely acclaimed projects (2015's Diamond Tongues, 2014's Everyday is Like Sunday), a solid reputation in an absurdly small industry, and a daring and fresh voice that's the perfect antidote to decades of Cancon gripes, it is a minor miracle that Sundowners got made at all.

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Review: Sundowners is a captivating, subversive blend of genres – The Globe and Mail

The vacation-gone-awry movie is a tried-and-tested formula. Ditto the bros-being-bros film. But when writer-director Pavan Moondi (Diamond Tongues) decided to combine the two genres with his new comedy Sundowners, he created something deliberately awkward and bravely subversive.

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Review: Sundowners is a tremendously funny buddy comedy – Exclaim!

There's a palpable sense of fun and camaraderie that jumps off the screen and can't help but be contagious for the viewer. Alex and Justin may be floundering while trying to find their purpose in life, but Moondi cements himself here as one of Canada's best emerging filmmakers.

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Filmmaker Magazine: Q&A on Diamond Tongues, working with Tim Heidecker, and shooting quickly in Toronto

A Q&A with Filmmaker Magazine on the eve of Diamond Tongues' US theatrical release. This Q&A was conducted via e-mail during the production of SUNDOWNERS in Colombia.

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